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"Insure to be sure"

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About Us.

Here at Bassin Insurance Agency, we strive to make your experience unlike any other. Our agents provide meaningful, personable, and informative advice to assist you in all of your insurance needs.




Hours:   Mon-Friday 8:30-5:30

Call:       561-427-6000

Fax:       561-427-6001

Insurance Tips.

How to Reduce Hurricane Damage


  • Install storm shutters.

  • Remove yard debris, like dead tree limbs, that could become flying missiles.

  • Have a safe place to park your cars and/or store your boat.

  • Make sure you, your family, and/or employees know how to shut off utilities.

  • Back up computer records and store them at least 50 miles offsite.

  • Gather important papers, including inventory lists and insurance information to take with you if you must evacuate.


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